Globalia New York gives an account of their experience using the member exclusive online quoting platform, FreightViewer

"It has made our day-to-day work very easy, and has enabled us to offer online services which is important in a time when many platforms  are allowing users to enter their pages, see rates, itineraries, and the status of the cargo"

This week, we present an exclusive interview with Samuel Martinez, the Sales Manager of KBL Container Line, Globalia member in New York.  In this special interview, our focus is on FreightViewer, Globalia's member-exclusive online freight quoting platform. Mr. Martinez sheds light on the utilities of the software and how it is instrumental in accelerating their team's everyday work processes. Don't miss this insightful interview, offering a deep dive into the functionalities and advantages of FreightViewer. Stay tuned for an enriching discussion on the transformative impact of this innovative tool in the logistics industry.

Q. What encouraged you to start using FreightViewer?

A. When I first started using FreightViewer I was particularly interested in simplifying the rate search process for both direct customers and agents. I also compared it with other digital platforms, including those of various shipping lines, and found FreightViewer to be particularly useful. The platform not only met but exceeded expectations, providing a valuable tool for efficient rate searches within the logistics industry.

Q. How were the beginnings of using the platform?

A. Initially, I had many questions for the FreightViewer Department regarding the platform and they provided responses that I could understand. It's a process that takes time and adaptation. Although in the beginning it was challenging to embrace the new procedures in the daily tasks, now it has become an indispensable aspect of our work processes. I believe motivation and spreading the word are crucial for each agent to be encouraged to offer their rates online.

Q. How is FreightViewer helping you in your day-to-day functions?

A. FreightViewer processes all the quoting operations within one single channel. This in turn enormously augments the operational efficiency of our company and has helped us take a step further toward becoming a digital freight forwarder. FreightViewer has offered us instant quoting ability, ensuring accuracy of quotation, and streamlining the steps involved in logistical operations. I am currently modifying rates and asking agents to consult the platform for quotations. As per our experience, users have successfully generated quotes, search and compare prices.

It's essential for all Globalia agents to upload their freight rates as it is the first step making the best use of this TMS. This first and crucial step will go a long way in simplifying the quote generation process ensuring accuracy and response time. 

Q. How does FreightViewer influence your customer service?

A. The customer service of our company has become straightforward for me after grasping key aspects, such as classifying customers based on company type—whether they are direct shippers, internal forwarders in the USA, internal NVOCC, or external agents. This categorization facilitates the establishment of a profit margin for services. Moreover, once the customer adapts to this approach, it is easy to make sales decisions. However, it's essential for all Globalia agents to upload their freight rates as it is the first step making the best use of this TMS. This first and crucial step will go a long way in simplifying the quote generation process ensuring accuracy and response time.

Q. Why do you think logistics companies should adapt to the process of digitization? How does Globalia's online freight quoting platform help you to approach the digitalization process?

A. We have reached a time when the freight forwarding industry has become dependent on digital technologies like never before. Logistics service providers around the world are already leveraging digital transformation to streamline their processes, integrate new initiatives, satisfy customer expectations, save time and money, and adapt to the changes in market demands and business scenarios. Additionally, the multinationals are experimenting with industry-defining technologies and expanding to new markets. In this scenario, it has become imperative for small and independent freight forwarders like to implement an effective digital strategy. It has made our day-to-day work very easy especially in a time when other companies are adapting the same systems where they allow you to enter their pages, see rates, itineraries, see the status of the cargo. Simply put, FreightViewer has made it easier for those who work this part of the process. The utility lies in the variety of options provided by different shipping companies, allowing you to choose costs and transit times based on the specific needs of your clients. Globalia members requiring quotations from/to New York are invited to check KBL Container Line' rates online through the Members Area.